Cathodic Protection Design & Installation

What are the cathodic protection options for my application?

When ProCorr, Inc. provides conceptual cathodic protection (CP) design services, our corrosion engineers will:

  • Gather information about your cathodic protection application and required system life.

  • Conduct on-site tests if necessary.

  • Present the types of cathodic protection systems that may be used for your application along with the benefits of each.

  • Provide approximate initial and ongoing costs.

  • Provide information regarding ongoing CP system maintenance requirements.

In many cases, there are several options available to you for either impressed current or sacrificial cathodic protection systems. When you use ProCorr, Inc.’s Conceptual Cathodic Protection Design services, you:

  • Save time with corrosion expertise backed by 28 years of experience

  • Receive comprehensive options for your cathodic protection systems

With ProCorr, Inc., you benefit from:

  • Over 28 years of experience with all types of cathodic protection systems

  • Experience designing, testing, installing and maintaining cathodic protection systems for all types of structures.

  • Highly qualified professional Engineers and NACE Cathodic Protection engineers and technicians.

  • Team members with experience on the client side of CP projects Experience managing multi-million dollar CP projects and corrosion departments of large utilities and pipeline companies.

  • ProCorr, Inc. has access to many proprietary cathodic protection systems that are lower in cost and have longer lives than some commonly used CP systems.

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